Tuesday, 2 August 2016

til I reach you

One of the strangest things about living far away from home is that life seems to stay perfectly still back where you used to live. Sometimes it seems like the years have passed and everything is exactly where it used to be. 

And then, when you actually look at things, properly look, you see how every tiny thing has changed in a myriad of ways, refracting the old world into new shapes like a kaleidoscope. Maybe it's a growing older thing (hi, 26, the doctor will see you now) but it definitely feels like a distance thing. 


The tricky bit is trying to reconcile it all. The friends who have changed and grown, the roads that have been rerouted while you've been away, the people you both want to be and can't be any more. How are you supposed to mesh old and new when they're not even colliding on the same side of the planet? 

I don't have any grand answers. In fact, it seems that the more years pass the more questions I have. Isn't that just the way of things? And where does that leave me? Well, in the same place as ever, reading, writing, and trying to make sense of it all. 


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