Friday, 19 August 2016

five faves friday

Hello again, friends and fellow Friday devotees. How was your week? I hope it was productive and lovely and very quickly the weekend. :) Here are my five faves from this week!

+ I came home on Tuesday to find my lovely husband had set up all this for me, since my birthday present had arrived that day. Nothing cheers up a Tuesday like presents and prosecco.

+ How gorgeous are these coasters? I'm tempted to buy them just so all our guests will think we're fancy grown ups.

+ My kitten comes up into the bed for cuddle time every morning and sometimes he's so sleepy still that I can tuck him in like this. Be still, my kitten-loving heart.

+ I've learned, perhaps the hard way, that I am a person that needs to create. Without something artsy every couple of weeks something inside just gets a bit crabby and stuffy. So despite my post last week about hobbies, I pulled out my watercolors the other day and painted the least ugly thing I've ever done. I'm actually so pleased with it (hi, smug alert) that I think I'll frame it and put it up on the wall.

+ This sweatshirt just screams lazy mornings and huge cups of coffee...and "I love corgis," as does all the best clothing.

I'm going to a work quiz night tonight and tomorrow half of our furniture is going to a new home with my brother and sister-in-law. Other than that, it's relaxation and online shopping for me this weekend. What are you up to? Any big weekend plans? Whatever they are, I hope they're good ones.



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  2. Hi Mary! I followed you years ago when our family first moved to Glasgow back in 2014. We've been back in the US for a while and we're planning a trip back to Scotland to visit. As I was reflecting on our time preparing to depart back in 2014, I remembered you and your blog. I thought to look you up, but it appears you haven't blogged in a while. Hope all is well with you! I had so enjoyed learning about Glasgow from the perspective of a younger couple in a different phase of life than ours!

  3. Oh! Your blog led me to your insta! I hope you don't mind if I give you a follow!


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