Friday, 22 July 2016

five faves friday

Another week done! Well, almost. I'm back in the office again tomorrow morning (boo) but I won't have to work another Saturday until October, so I shouldn't really complain. My favorites this week:

+ My darling kitten, Hamish, attempting a mad escape on Tuesday morning. It's funny in hindsight but was terrifying at the time when I found him on the windowsill outside our second story window. He's also been fiercely defending us from all flying insects that have the misfortune to fly in through our windows.

the face of kitten innocence...don't trust it!

+ LOVING this wallpaper and wishing I had the money/ability to convince P that it should go in our bedroom. Anyone else loving the Napoleonic bee trend? Nope? Just me? (YAY BEEEEEEES)

+ Just bought these fabulous flats in the Next sale. Lately I've been feeling like all my shoes are un-stylish, not to mention sad looking, so I treated myself to a new pair. I keep telling myself that I'll stop buying cheap flats that last two months and start buying proper grown-up lady shoes...and find myself in New Look forking over the £7.99 for the same old pair each time.

+ Instead of taking the bus up to the train station, I'm walking up with my man on the two days a week he works in Edinburgh. It's only 15 minutes, but I so appreciate that extra bit of time to talk before we go on to our busy days. 

We don't have any big plans for our weekend but we do have a mint plant shrubbery that is just calling out to be made into mojitos. What about you, friends? What are your weekend plans? 


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