Wednesday, 27 July 2016

a weekend in windermere

We celebrated our second anniversary just a few weeks ago, which is hard to believe considering I feel like we only got married yesterday. The past two years have absolutely flown by! Since the Lake District is our little getaway, we decided to spend a long weekend there eating, walking, and enjoying cocktails in the English weather.

Last year we managed to get a Groupon deal for a room pretty close to the train station. We had a lovely time and the room was just right, but it wasn't..y'know, fancy. It may not be a 50th anniversary or anything, but it's still a big deal to us! We (and by that I mean I) decided that we would go for something a little bit nicer this year and we chose the Jericho.

It was a lovely hotel, fairly close to the train station and it had just about everything we could want. Delicious breakfast, comfy bed, plus an amazing shower that I took 5 bajillion photos of so we can build one just like it someday. The hosts were very friendly, knowledgeable, and just the right amount of hands-on.

When we went last year, P fell in love with a steak he had at the Lighthouse. I think in the ranking of love I might actually come second to the steak. ;) With the memory of peppercorn sauce floating about, I'm not even a little ashamed to say that we stopped by there every day of our trip. They have a good range of menu items and cocktails that kept the vacation spirits high.

We did a bit of walking but nothing too strenuous. You can walk up to Orrest Head fairly easily and it's easy to find as it's about two minutes from the Windermere train station. The views are gorgeous, even in the rainy weather we had all weekend.

The only part of the weekend that wasn't a total success was a dinner we had at a very fancy hotel/restaurant. I'm loathe to name it as we didn't really have a bad time and I thought the food was quite nice. However, we did both feel like we were not posh enough to really be welcomed. For instance, I tried to order some petits fours from the dessert menu and was told that those are only served in the lounge, with a look of distaste that I had attempted to order them in the dining room. All things considered, I think we would have been happier with another tasty steak from the Lighthouse.

We do love our little Lake District getaways, and I think that in future years we may consider taking a car so we can get further afield for activities. Windermere is such a charming place and a perfect weekend trip from Glasgow.

Where do you go for your getaways? Any other areas in the Lake District that we shouldn't miss next time around?


PS: Please note that none of these places had any idea I'd be writing a review, so all opinions are my own. :)

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  1. Oh, this is just lovely. I found your Wandering Belle blog on a travel website a few years ago when our family was moving from Texas to Glasgow. We have since returned to the US, but occasionally when I think of Scotland (longingly, usually when we are in steamy Orlando) train of thought leads me to wonder how that sweet young Wandering Belle couple is doing. Nice to see you are settling into married life! Gosh, do we miss Scotland. <3


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