Monday, 31 August 2015

three years, so many miles.

As of yesterday, I have been resident in Scotland for three years.

(We're just going to ignore the fact that I had to leave the country for the first six months of 2014, k?) 

Three years ago, I arrived in Glasgow with no connections and 119 pounds of luggage (that I then had to carry up four flights of stairs by myself). I spent the first three days in my student flat all alone, wondering if I'd made a massive mistake in moving halfway across the world. But in those lonely first days, I held onto a bit of faith that eventually I might make a friend or two and maybe, just maybe, I'd settle in a bit. After all, I was only going to be here a year, right? ;)

In the last three years, I've managed to make many dear friends, fall in love, get married, work three different jobs, finish my Master's degree, and generally bloom where I've planted myself. It hasn't always been easy, and there are definitely times where I wonder why we aren't living in a house in my parents' neighborhood. It's easy to picture the different directions my life could have taken--sticky Florida summers and weekend beach trips, living near my family and seeing them all the time, maybe working at my old university in the mystical hipstery-backwoods that my college town is becoming. Maybe we would have followed all my college friends to North Carolina, where they seem to be congregating and doing a lot of hiking. Goodness knows I would have loved to do all those things.

Even with the bittersweetness of living so far away, I wouldn't give any of it up. I'm sure I would be happy with any of the lives I could have lived, but the joy of the life I actually have is too big. The joy of the little things, like walking through town to the tune of bagpipes and a cup of hot tea after a walk through Scotland's infamous weather. Getting to see actual snow fall from the actual sky (say whaaaat!) and pretending we're rich by dream sofa shopping in John Lewis.

Scotland's been good to me, there's no denying. Stepping on that plane in Orlando completely altered the course of my life and I couldn't be happier that it did. I've been given so many opportunities to grow and think and be changed by the world around me. Scotland, my adopted home, thank you for the lessons and the love over the past few years, and here's to many more happy years between us.


PS: Thanks for the hottie :)

PPS: Can we have a talk about this weather nonsense sometime? Call me, let's sort this out. xxx


  1. .You are one gutsy Lady and you're still smiling

  2. I'm so happy to see a success story with an American expat! I just recently moved to Glasgow with my boyfriend for our Masters degrees. We've been having SUCH a hard time finding an apartment of our own, and me with my homesickness. It's been really disheartening, so I hope to feel the same way in a year! x


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