Wednesday, 8 July 2015

one year + a weekend in the lake district

When we we decided to go away for a weekend to celebrate our first anniversary, there was no question of where we'd go.

The Lake District is our place. Like when I was growing up and my family would always go to the Outer Banks for vacation, now we go to the Lake District. It's beautiful, low-key, and has the most amazing food. Seriously, y'all, the food is STUPENDOUS.

I managed to find a deal on LivingSocial for an accommodation only stay in the center of Windermere, plus a steal on a rental car. The last time we went down to the Lake District (we were in Keswick), we'd found that it was a bit inconvenient not having one. And I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of that awesome Nissan that facilitated our adventure, so you'll just have to trust me that it was shiny and nice.

We left on Friday afternoon and I swear I felt like a girl in a teen movie as I bolted from the office and into the car. It was very, “My boyfriend’s a senior and he’s toooootally taking me to prom.” This is mostly because despite having been together nearly three years, I have never been in a car with my husband behind the wheel. Weird, huh?

We encountered some terrifyingly narrow and windy roads on the way down, and by the time we got there we were more than ready for food and a stiff drink. Luckily we stumbled upon The Lighthouse, where we had some of the best food ever. Plus they had nice little blankets on their outdoor seating that meant we could actually sit out there without me freezing. (Hi, I’m a Floridian).

Early to bed and full of dessert is precisely how I like my vacations. We took our sweet time moving in the morning, but eventually ventured out into the world in search of food. I’d just like to take a second to give a shout out to Trip Advisor, without whom there would have been many, “Should we just eat here?”s. Homeground Coffee + Kitchen treated us right with waffles and bacon for the Scot and eggs benny for the American, in addition to a delicious latte.

Having been in the Lake District for more than 12 hours without seeing a single Lake, we wandered down the road to Lake Windermere. A little boat cruise, a little lunch, and a little bit of making fun of ducks made for a perfect afternoon.

We also made a visit to Beatrix Potter and her friends. Have I mentioned that my husband is fantastic? Because he didn't bat an eye at going to a children's museum with his heritage-loving wife.

I have to say that one of the things I was most excited for on this trip was dinner. Not just any old dinner, but dinner at Hooked, the #1 rated restaurant in Windermere, which just so happened to be a seafood place. 

Now, you have to understand that I love seafood. As in, one of my earliest memories is pitching a fit around the age of four because blue stone crab wasn't in season and I therefore could not have it for dinner. My husband, on the other hand, not so big on the seafood. This restaurant was not only the best rated, but they also-- wait for it-- had swordfish on the menu. 

Ohhhhh yeah. 

I would show you some pictures of the absolutely delightful food we ate, but unfortunately I was having a transcendent experience with some scallops. Those two photos are all you're getting. Rest assured, the harrowing roads were totally worth this dinner. Finished off with a nice glass of there anything better in life than amazing food with your main squeeze and a fine Scotch? I think not.

The next morning dawned rainy (note the beginnings of a Hermione-like hair event), so we had one last meal at the Lighthouse before adventuring back home to Glasgow. 

It's pretty hard to believe that our first wedding anniversary has already come and gone. Marriage is cool, y'all. I get to spend the rest of my life hanging out with the funniest, smartest, most gorgeous guy I've ever met. A girl could hardly ask for more. :)



  1. You two are so cute. Congrats on your first year. <3 The Lake District is gorgeous! We should get together for a drink or coffee again some time. Hope all is well, girl! :)

    1. You're too sweet! And yes, we definitely should! I'll be back into normal life after next week--I'll give you a text then :)


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