Wednesday, 20 May 2015

blog everyday in may: road trippin'

Happy Wednesday, readers! I hope your weeks have been treating you well. Mine's been quite busy, but filled with making new friends so it couldn't get much better. :)

Today we're talking road trips. I love road trips. The open road with music playing, a good friend in the passenger's all I could really want from a trip. I once made a six CD playlist for a day trip to the beach. And yes, I still listen to it all the time. I've been on two big road trips, once after my freshman year of college, and once after my senior year.

My first road trip was with friends from a theatre camp I went to in high school. Five of us piled into my car and went on an adventure across the South East.

We stopped in north Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida...

And camped/stayed with family as we went along the way. Word to the wise--do not ever go camping in Savannah in July. It's like trying to sleep near the gates of hell, only with more mosquitoes. 

Sometimes a girl's just gotta brush her teeth (and wash her legs, if I'm being totally honest) in a Target bathroom.

After college, my roommate and I drove her car up the East Coast to Pennsylvania where she was spending the summer working as a camp counselor. 

We took turns driving and choosing the music, though we have fairly similar music preferences.

We stopped at her grandparents' farm in Georgia, which was unbelievably picturesque, before heading on to the Smoky Mountains.

Where I re-lived the terrors of mountain driving (hello, Floridian) and we learned that city girls are not properly trained in fire-making skills.

And true story: we had to ask our neighboring campers for help in lighting our fire.

Carolina's gorgeous, isn't she? Sometimes I wonder if my itchy feet would settle down there. We used to go to the Outer Banks for vacations when I was a kid and I think North Carolina's just one of the best places in the world.

I'm already looking forward to our next little road trip here in Scotland--my first ever! We're renting a car for our anniversary weekend trip to the Lake District. Unfortunately, my husband has been informed of my family's house rule that the driver picks the music. I say unfortunately not because his music taste is bad, but because it denies me the opportunity to make an epic playlist.

What about you? What's your favorite road trip?


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  1. I say make the epic playlist and say this is a new family rule starting on your anniversary!

  2. Oh I want to visit the Smokey Mountains so badly. It's on my list!


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