Saturday, 2 May 2015

blog everyday in may: day two

Today's prompt is five photos that tell your story.

Though my story obviously started 19 years before this photo was taken, my study abroad semester in Paris was probably one of the biggest crossroads in my life. Without that experience, I never would have dreamed about postgrad degrees abroad or have even thought it would be possible.

Graduation day in 2012--what a day! I had never been a good student growing up. I was too bored, arrogant, and invested in fan fiction to care about my grades. But when I went to college, all of that changed. And I found out that I am crazy in love with academia and learning. I also made some of my best friends while there and had the opportunity to be a part of so many great organizations.

This photo is of me and all of my oversized luggage right before my first flight to the UK. So much luggage and so very many stairs once I made it to Glasgow. I was finally keeping the promise I made to myself when I left France--that I find a way back abroad somehow. I moved to Glasgow without ever having been here, with no friends or contacts, and nothing but a hearty dose of gumption and too much luggage. I think life worked itself out pretty well for me, and it all goes back to the girl in this picture. 

These lovely ladies are some of the most fabulous people in the world. They're sorority sisters, grade school friends, summer camp classmates, flatmates, cousins, and fellow high school survivors. They're the kind of friends you write novels about and I love them dearly. 

These good-looking folks are, in fact, my folks. Kid brother, Mom, Dad, and husband. I don't think there's a luckier girl in the world than me, if only for the presence of these people in my life. (Also, isn't my Mom's dress gorgeous?! I totally forced her to buy it and I will never stop feeling the immense joy of being right.) 

I know the prompt only says five photos, but I just have to cheat a little bit with one extra. Taken by my brother-in-law (thanks, Martin!), I think it sums up everything about my story--surrounded by magnificent people from all over the world, wearing my favorite dress, and in the arms of my gorgeous husband. Life could not be better than this.


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