Thursday, 7 May 2015

blog everyday in may: day seven

Woohoo! I have managed to stick with Blog Everyday in May for the entirety of the first seven days. (That sentence started out so strong...) Anyway, I'm excited to have made it thus far and even more excited to talk about today's prompt: my favorite charity.

I come from a family that believes strongly in charity. You might have even seen my charity Christmas post a couple years back.  While there are so many fantastic organizations around the world, the one I feel really strongly about is She's the First.

How to Support She's the First from She's the First on Vimeo.

She's the First is an organization that sponsors girls' educations in developing countries. How cool is that? As an educated woman from a family of pro-education people, I am so thrilled that this charity exists. Research shows that educating girls cuts down on infant mortality rates, increases a country's GDP, and makes women more likely to educate their own children. According to the World Bank, a girl with one extra year of education can make 20% more as an adult. Worldwide, girls face greater educational disadvantages than boys and less than two cents of every development dollar goes to girls.

With She's the First, you can sponsor a girl's education in ten different countries, from Ethiopia to Peru. They also promote leadership and global awareness in the US through their Campus Chapters. You can take action in a variety of ways, from donating to bake sale-ing to setting a fitness challenge. I'm currently doing the last one by raising donations for my next 10K. I'm hoping that I'll be able to sponsor a girl in the next year or two, thus spreading gifts I've been given.

Do you have a favorite cause? Tell me about it in the comments! :)


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