Saturday, 9 May 2015

blog everyday in may: day nine

Today will be filled with tacos, friends, and adventures. And on the blog today is a story that involves two out of three of those.

I have so many good memories from my childhood, and I'm lucky enough to still have friends from that period of my life. Now, I can't remember who exactly was involved in this particular escapade, but I can guess that it was probably my regular crew of ne'er-do-wells. 

I remember that this was after a P.E. day at school, because I was still in my P.E. uniform. My friends and I were running around the street, and upon arriving in my backyard, realized that a barge had floated up to the dock. I grew up on a moderately sized lake (big enough for skiing, too small for yachts), and to be honest, calling this a barge is being generous. It was two big plastic drums with a big piece of plywood attached to the top. It had drifted away from its maker and into my yard. 

Mysterious objects appearing in my yard was pretty much the most exciting thing that could happen. This barge was promptly the source of pure delight, and we took no time in climbing on it, jumping off it, and declaring ourselves captain of it. By the time my mom discovered us, I was soaked to the bone in lake water, covered in plants and no small amount of sand, and thoroughly pleased with my afternoon's adventures. My mother? Significantly less pleased that I had seen fit to do all this in my school uniform. 

Why is this one of my favorite childhood memories? It's certainly not because of the talking to I got afterward. Maybe it's because it was one of those pure kid adventures--like the memories of riding my bike all over our neighborhood and staying out until the street lights came on. A lot of kids don't get the space to make those memories now. They're constantly watched and tracked and tested half to death. My childhood had this lovely free feeling of being my own master, even if I got in trouble for it later. 

Childhood is grand, isn't it? :)


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  1. I was also always kept my school uniform on way after school ended as well it was always so much easier to just start playing right away then changing first!


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