Friday, 8 May 2015

blog everyday in may: day eight

I am so excited for this weekend, y'all! It's my last weekend before I start a new job on Monday (AT LAST), and I have a friend visiting from the Colonies. What better way to celebrate new beginnings than with old friends?

Today I get to cast my eye far in the myself in twenty years.

Dear Future Self,

Hi, hello, howdy! I really hope you're reading this while walking to your personal teleport machine. And I hope you're using that machine to buy Chick-Fil-A, because delicious fried chicken is exactly why teleporters were invented. Or maybe fast food restaurants can deliver their food via teleporter so you don't even have to pick it up. Who knows what the world you live in is like?

I think that's what I'm most curious about--what is your version of the Earth like? What diseases have been cured? Have we had a female president yet? I mean, come on. It's 2035. It's WAY past time for that. Have you been able to successfully raise a basil plant without killing it? (I'd ask about the kids, but I'm reasonably confident in Patrick's parenting skills.)

I hope things are going well, even if they're not going to plan. We've learned from experience that sometimes off-plan is the best way for things to go. Don't forget to eat your greens and call your mother.

Your 24 year-old self


Found Love. Now What?

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