Monday, 4 May 2015

and a sixpence for your shoe: part two.

It's a bank holiday weekend here in Scotland, meaning I get an extra day of adventures with my man. Though I'm still keeping up with Blog Everyday in May, today I'm continuing with the story of our wedding day. It's going to be a long one because there are so many lovely pictures I want to share! You've been warned. :)

Even though I was completely exhausted by the time Saturday night rolled around, I didn't want to go to sleep early and miss out on hanging out with my wonderful bridesmaids. Some of them had only gotten in the day before, so we were all pretty tired. Have you ever had five of your best friends fly halfway across the world to be with you? It's awesome. 

But eventually we all did drift to bed, since the big day was starting early. We got up in the morning and had breakfast (though I honestly could not tell you what I ate...maybe a bagel? Some toast? Who knows) and mimosas, of course! Loraine, our wedding photographer, appeared around 10 as we were all doing our hair and make up. Because I knew that getting to the wedding was such a big price tag for my bridesmaids, I didn't want them to spend any more than they had to! So we all did our own hair and make up, and their dresses were rented from Little Borrowed Dress.

My dress was bought in the town where I went to college, funnily enough. Robyn Lynne is a boutique in Lakeland, FL, and I will tell you that those ladies know their stuff. I showed up with my mom and her best friend (my second mom), intent on a beautiful Jason Alexander dress I'd seen online. And while it was beautiful, it just wasn't my dress. So the boutique ladies got to work and pulled out different dresses for me to try. As soon as I stepped out of the dressing room, I swear, every woman in the shop stopped and stared. Tears were shed by the moms. And me? Meh. Sure, it was pretty, but I hated the pleating on the waist at first. The girl helping us grabbed a length of organza and covered it up, and suddenly I saw it. 

Because the wedding was less than six months away, we ended up buying the exact one I'd tried on. Not many brides drive home with their wedding dress in the trunk, but I did. And the weirdest part? It required almost no alterations. How's that for fate?

I also told my girls to pick any gold shoes they liked, as long as they weren't glittery. The glitter was all for me. When I was trying on my shoes, a nice lady in the store asked me if they were for prom. (My life can be summed up as #babyfaceproblems.)

The earrings were borrowed from my mom. The opal cross was a gift from my grandmother's cousin, who wore it on her wedding day, and the little silver one is my sorority pin.

Aren't these girls gorgeous? :)

The flowers came from Bell's in Wishaw, and they were simply stunning. Being violently opposed to the scent of lilies, I went for white peonies instead. 

My dad and brother arrived not long after the flowers, and I took a few minutes to give my parents the gifts I'd bought for them.

Getting that picture frame to Scotland was a minor drama. Though my MOH had agreed to bring it, my mom (not knowing anything more than it was a large, inconvenient gift for my father) told her that he could have it after the wedding. Once I realized that it hadn't been loaded into her luggage, there was a scramble to find someone who could get to my parents' house, dig through my closet, and bring it over. If I haven't said it, let me say it here: I had the most fantastic bridesmaids. (Thanks again, Mack!)

And then, it was time to get into the prettiest dress I've ever owned and my Cinderella shoes.

My something blue was a small heart I'd cut from one of my dad's shirts that I stitched into my dress. We also had the boys leave the room because I wanted to do a first look with my dad.

Once I was ready, we called the boys back in...

...and there were tears all around.

A Scottish wedding means kilts all around, even for the Americans.

I told you it was going to be a long post! Clap yourself on the back for making it this far. :) There's still more to come--we haven't even gotten to the church yet, but I think we'll leave that for another installment. Enjoy the rest of your Monday, friends, and I'll see you back here tomorrow!



  1. Beautiful! Thrilled to finally see pictures of your magical day! Looking forward to the rest of the story. ;)

    1. Thank you, Jessie! Took me long enough, didn't it? ;)


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