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and a sixpence for your shoe: part four

I guess we all know the answer to the question, "How do you balance blogging and working full-time?" And the answer is not to wait until after work to write your posts. Lesson learned. 

Though I've missed my goal of blogging every day in May, it's never too late to try blogging almost every day in May, right? So today we're back to a sunny afternoon in June, where our heroes just declared victory... and get ready, because this is another big one.

It's a Southern tradition to bury a bottle of whisky where you're getting married. It has to be upside down exactly one month before the big day, and it's supposed to ensure good weather. Since I was out of the country, Patrick and his dad took a trip to the church and buried it. The best part by far is digging it up and drinking it!

 You can see my Zeta pin and my something old pinned onto my bouquet here.

Every minute we spent on taking photos at the church was well spent--they're worth their weight in gold to us.

 How beautiful are these girls?!

That's our whole bridal party in there. Yup. We had one of those weddings. :)

As a senior in college, my sorority sisters voted that my superlative was "Most Likely To Marry A Foreigner." And boy, did they call it!

We had our reception at the gorgeous Sherbrooke Castle Hotel in Glasgow. Due to the whole being-out-of-the-country thing, this venue was found, looked at, and booked all without either of us really being involved! My parents- and sister-in-law thought it was perfect, and so we booked it.

Did I mention that my husband has a lot of siblings? Every person in that photo is related to us.

Gold glittery shoes will only get you so far, so I opted for white Converse that came out pretty much as soon as the ceremony was over.

My men :)

Pictured here is all the North Americans who attended our wedding. Aren't we lucky to be so loved?

My five bridesmaids were all amazing--

my fabulous Little Sister from my Zeta days, who always makes me laugh, knows the best music, and is the best thrower-of-Disney-jam parties ever;

my sorority sister/college roommate who never made me talk in the mornings, pushes me constantly to be a better version of myself, and drove all the way up the East Coast with me without berating me once for my snail's pace mountain driving;

my bff since '99, partner-in-crime, keeper of my most embarrassing moments over the past 16 years, and still-can't-sit-together-in-church-due-to-giggles friend;

my high school drama partner, fellow Catholic school survivor, sarcastic and hysterical commentator on life, my musical-singing, pug-owning friend who offered to let me wear her bridesmaid dress while she hid naked in a bathroom stall so I could ceilidh dance;

and last, but absolutely not least, the only other girl to bring two massive suitcases to Scotland, my 4 AM can't-sleep phone call, fellow Ikea and coffee addict who kept me sane during some of the most stressful days of my life and always dared my sense of fashion.

My mother and my second mother--if you're ever lucky enough to meet them both, you're guaranteed to have a hysterical adventure.

We wanted to make sure we had a blend of Scottish and Southern traditions represented, so we opted to be piped into the reception.

I despise fondant, hence the naked cake, which was absolutely delicious.

After we cut the cake, we sat down to dinner. I was still too hyped up to eat and only managed a couple of bites. We also tried to get around to all the tables between courses, but got about 2/3rds of the way around before it was all said and done. 

My dad kicked off the toasts with a funny and sweet speech that had me in tears.

 Followed by my MoH who could hardly look at me and kept us all in stitches.

And the best man (who for some reason didn't make it into the photos) managed to reveal the secret of how my husband really broke his arm to his parents, who had always been told a different story.

And my husband's sweet words made me a weepy bride all over again.

Our guest book was quilt squares that I am currently making into a surprisingly large quilt.

And I hand-painted that sign myself, just to add a touch of nerd to the day.

After dinner, we nipped out with Loraine for some portraits of just the two of us.

This one actually made it to the front of our Christmas card this past year. :)

Our first dance was to Coldplay's "Til Kingdom Come," played beautifully by our band The Magic Keys.

And even though it's not a tradition here, there's no way I was going to miss out on the Father-Daughter dance, especially to "Dance With Me," by Orleans. I picked that song out years ago, long before I was even thinking about marriage.

It was a fabulous party, by all accounts.

We had a second breakfast of sorts around 10 o'clock, with rolls and sausage and rolls and bacon. Since I'd missed most of dinner, I was particularly stoked about another chance to eat.

Zeta girls from around the world!

The boys apparently snuck out for cigars, which I didn't know about until the photos came back. How great are these?

Our day was so incredibly beautiful, and I'd do it all over again in a second. I could not be more grateful for all of the people who helped us along the way and on the day itself. Thanks for sticking it out through these posts, and I hope you've enjoyed seeing what our day was like!



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