Thursday, 30 April 2015

into the wild: april

It's time for another expat follow-up! Same questions, new answers. Feel free to join in and tell me how your month has been!

What do you miss most about where you grew up?

This month, it's the weather! We had SNOW this week, which is just absolutely bonkers to me. It's practically May! How dare it snow? Especially considering the fact that we had two or three weeks of gorgeous weather first.

What have you loved most about where you live this month?

I actually have a couple of trips booked for this summer, and it wouldn't be possible for me to see these places if I lived in Florida. Being so close to Europe means I'm getting some great visitors this summer!

What is one thing you are proud of yourself for doing? 

Actually getting a job! It took much longer than I expected, and I definitely hit some big bumps on the way. But I start in a week and a half and I couldn't be looking forward to it more.

What is something you'd like to do in this upcoming month?

Make a concerted effort to see people. I've been in a don't-wanna-go-anywhere slump lately, and I think it's about time I get out in the world and visit with my friends!

What advice would you give yourself?

Squirrel away some of your money and quit spending it on silly things! Travel isn't free, so think about your long-term goals when you see a pretty nail polish.

You don't have to be an expat to answer these questions! How did April treat y'all?


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