Tuesday, 14 April 2015

and a sixpence for your shoe: part one.

The first six months of last year were a complete whirlwind. Have you ever tried to plan a international wedding in six months from another country? All while your fiancé was in said other country? Let me tell you, it is not for the faint of heart. Or for those with faint-hearted friends.

Lucky for me, with the help of my in-laws, the support of my family, and the encouragement of my friends, we pulled it off. (Seriously, y'all are the best.)

Six days before my flight left, my passport and requisite expensive fiancée sticker arrived. Off I flew to Scotland, with plenty of time to relax a bit before the festivities kicked off. As people trickled in the week of the wedding, I started to get more and more excited because it was actually going to happen--we were getting married!

rehearsal dinner
en route to the rehearsal

When we were planning the wedding, we had some of the usual obstacles (picking a first dance song, dj vs. band, etc.) along with the added joy of different traditions. For instance, the rehearsal dinner? Apparently not a typical event in the UK. Neither is a big bridal party (I had five bridesmaids plus five junior bridesmaids and two flower girls). However, my in-laws very generously hosted a fantastic rehearsal dinner at their home, complete with Highland dancing to entertain all the visiting Americans.

transatlantic bridal party
members of our fabulous bridal party

I will admit that by this point, I was pretty thoroughly exhausted. I stretched myself a bit thin, thinking that I needed to play hostess for all of our out-of-town guests. In truth, most people were happy to do their own thing! So there's my piece of advice for all you international brides: don't plan too much and just let everyone enjoy their trip their way.

bridesmaids, cousins, and friends
these girls, I tell ya, are just magnificent. 

One of the main things I remember about the whole weekend was just feeling overwhelmed by what amazing people we had around us. They came from near and far to celebrate with us and we couldn't be more grateful to have had them all there. That's what weddings are all about, aren't they? 



  1. I recognize those photos and those silly faces :)

    Definitely warmed my Monday to be reminded of such a WONDERFUL week xox

  2. I recognize this name! You helped make it so wonderful--it wouldn't have been the same without you, lady xoxoxox


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