Monday, 26 January 2015

monday monday monday.

Anyone else feel like the weekends just fly by? I swear it's Friday one minute and Monday morning the next. But here we are again, starting another week.

We got a little preview of The Electric Garden on Thursday night, thanks to a new friend and her other half. With the dark winter nights seemingly dragging on (c'mon, spring!), any excuse to get out of the house and go exploring is welcome. There are also several art displays set up throughout the gardens and we got to see some fire dancers/breathers. It was so lovely to walk around the Botanic Gardens and see everything all lit up and beautiful.

I wasn't joking about the fire dancing.

Yes, that is still snow on the ground.

Inside the Kibble Palace

I'm trying to make myself stick to a more normal schedule this week, instead of doing job applications for three days straight and burning out. It's hard to keep to normal working hours when you're not a morning person to begin with and you're feeling the pressure/cabin fever of not working. What happens is I get up late, feel lazy for doing so, and assuage that guilt by working through a million applications. But for my own sanity, I think I need to try a better balance of applying for work and not punishing myself for the fact that I'm not working yet.

So that's my goal this week: balance. And hopefully--cross all your fingers for me--finding work soon.


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