Friday, 23 January 2015

don't wait for monday.

Oh, Friday. You happy, gorgeous day, you! 

(not literally gorgeous of course, with the spitting rain and icky slush, but I digress)

Though I'm still unemployed, Friday to me means that it's time to put the search on hold and kick back a bit. I'm feeling pretty accomplished this week, mostly because I finally got through the massive pile of laundry we'd accumulated. After some hissy fits from our washing machine, it just seemed like we were destined to live in a house out of my mother's worst nightmares. Maybe it's not a big achievement, but it sure feels like one to me!

I've been thinking a lot lately about follow through. Weird, I know. But I've found that while I'm great at making detailed plans for doing things (becoming a super runner, writing a novel, redecorating the whole house), my follow through isn't always great. No sooner do I think that I've got every last fiddly thought down than I decide I've done a lot of good, hard work and it's time for a break. Or I think that actually, it might be better to wait til Monday, y'know, to make everything symmetrical. I do that a lot, actually:

"I'll write that post on Monday."
"I'll get up early on Monday and go for a run to start my week off right."
"It just makes more sense to start after the weekend/party/Second Coming/what-have-you."

Sound familiar? 

You know what happens on Monday? I hit snooze four times before giving up on the early run idea. I get distracted by job applications or a good book and my post never gets written. And once Monday is over, that's it--I have to wait another week for next see how the cycle starts. 
So I'm not going to give all my good ideas to that bully. It can't control me anymore. I refuse to wait until Monday to do the things I want to (or should) do. Take THAT, Monday. 

What about you? Is it just me fighting for motivation? What do you do to kick the love of procrastination out of the way?


ps: have a fabulous weekend! :)

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