Monday, 5 January 2015

cheers to 2015

Happy New Year, dear friends!

Am I the only one who finds it entirely surreal to write 2015? Wasn't it just 2002? I'm pretty sure that all this is a strange dream. I'll wake up as my twelve year-old self and schlep my way to middle school soon (with my super cool teeny ponytails at my temples...).

How was your holiday season? I hope it was filled with family, friends, and lots of happiness. We just came home on Saturday from an eleven day trip to Florida to stay with my family for Christmas and New Year's. I wish I could tell you how amazing it was to be reunited with so many loved ones, but there really aren't words for it. Suffice it to say that we definitely felt the love from everyone we saw. I'd like someone to get on that teleportation thing so I can see them all the time, okay?
The only downside to international travel is the jet lag that's currently happening in our house. I have never had jet lag before--crazy, I know--and I can't say I'm particularly thrilled with it. I've been up since 3 this morning. On the plus side, I've mentally reorganized our entire house and planned a revamp of our outdoor patio area. Insomnia is a fickle creature.

I know I'm not alone in spending the end of the year in some retrospection. I think most of us look back over our lives with a mixture of joy and regret. It's why we make resolutions-- to recognize what we've done right, what we've done wrong, and to dedicate our new year to more of the former and less of the latter. Most people have given up on the word "resolution," favoring "goal" or choosing one word to define their new year. But something in me calls for more than goals or a word this year. To have resolutions means I am resolved, that my feet are stuck in and my mind is made up. To quote google, I am "hell bent." I don't want to shoot vaguely for some distant goal. I want to be hell bent, chasing down the girl I can be. She'll always be a step ahead of me but I can still be hot on her heels.

So what do I resolve to do in 2015? I resolve to plant a garden; to send more mail; to be better about responding to texts; to be a more generous friend; to read more. But these are the small things. The best way I can describe my resolutions is through this piece of writing--

--and this piece of music:

How will I manage these resolutions? The same as most people, I guess, in fits and starts. Isn't that the glory of being human?


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