Monday, 10 November 2014

hey, november

The past couple of weeks have been a bit rough around here.

It started so wonderfully, too, just to throw me off the trail of horribleness that was about to happen. A very dear friend flew in to visit on her way to Paris and it looked like our week was going to be filled with shopping, laughing, and lots of coffee. Indeed it was, until...*dramatic music* I got sick. Blegh. So instead of getting to explore and have little adventures together, my poor saint of a friend ended up fetching me medicine and care packages (I told you she was a SAINT) and helping my sweet husband take care of me. I was just starting to feel better when the next round of Bad Things hit:

My visa application got refused.

Yup. Refused. Denied. A big, fat, "No." It's exactly the thing that you really really don't want to hear when you've paid £601 for the great pleasure of having strangers comb through your life. And getting a semi-hysterical phone call from his wife at noon on a Friday is probably the thing Husband didn't want, but it turns out that what you get isn't always what you were wanting.

It turns out that despite my very thorough fiancée application, there were more documents required for the FLR(M) application. And it appears that I missed a couple. To be fair to the Home Office, it was my fault. But to be fair to me, finding out which documents you need to submit involves reading what feels like 1000 appendices which are all written in the most confusing language possible. Despite my initial panic at being refused, which was mainly focused on the fact that my current visa is up on the 21st of this month, we quickly came up with a plan. And yes, it did involve another very substantial sum of money. As my dad said, "At least it's a problem that can be fixed with money."

the very rainy view from my journey 
to the premium service center

Since we were on a pretty tight time-crunch, we didn't have the option of submitting the application by post a second time. We paid the extra money for the "premium service" and Thursday morning I wandered to the Southside of Glasgow to the visa office. A few hours and several cheerful (!!) Glaswegian visa officials later, I was called up to the desk to receive my decision.

With my arms full of scarf, coat, iPad, and a phone that clonked to the floor in the most disreputable way possible, the woman slid across the letter stating that this application had been successful. She seemed a bit taken aback by my sigh and proclamations of gratitude to the heavens, but continued her spiel about my new residence permit anyway. My brain just shouted "Residence! Permit! I'm a resident! I get a permit!" And indeed, that special shiny card arrived in the mail this very afternoon.
Now I just need to fight the urge to show it off to everyone...the cashiers at Sainsbury's probably won't be as thrilled as I am.

It might have been a rough start to the month, but you know what, November? You're growing on me.



  1. Congrats! I'm so glad the winds are changing for you. I can't even imagine going through that process.

  2. Thank you!! It's been a long, frustrating adventure with the Home Office. But it's over (for a while at least!) and now I can settle in to the much more wonderful adventure of marriage. :)

  3. You had me worried at the beginning of your post but i'm delighted for you and your husband.

  4. UGH. I am so sorry to hear that. But hurray for getting it though! I'm already started dreading and panicking about the FLR (M) renewal that I'll be doing IN OVER A YEAR. I need to calm down about it, but it's always on my mind. Damn people who applied before July 12, only having to do it once and then getting to apply for ILR! x

  5. Since I saw your celebratory Instagram post a week or so back, my heart fell for you when I read about your visa being denied so I held my breath until the good news part of the post. Visas suck! I'm so happy for you that you got yours sorted! Now go get another bottle of Champagne! :)


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