Wednesday, 3 September 2014

when tomorrow comes

We're almost two weeks away from arguably the biggest vote in Scottish history. On September 18, the people of Scotland will decide whether or not they want to separate from the United Kingdom and become an independent nation. No matter how the vote goes, it will be one for the history books. 

Since I'm not a British, Irish, or EU citizen, I can't vote. In some ways, that makes it easier for me. I never feel like I fully understand the inner workings of the government (my understanding of the party system is two and a half centuries out of date), and feeling uninformed is not a good basis for making a decision as weighty as this. We've been keeping up with the debates, though they've been mostly useless. Husband has threatened to send me into the other room several times because of my penchant for yelling at the television. I can't help it if I despise politicians and their wormy greasy sales pitches and how they spend the whole debate attacking each other instead of answering the questions we so desperately want answers to...sorry. I got carried away there. White hot rage can do that to a girl. 

                                                pretty pictures make up for politics, right?                 

I am more than a bit worried about what this vote could mean for us immigrants, especially for someone like me who is in the middle of the visa process. How many more visas are we going to have to pay for? What happens to me in the interim of governments, should we vote for independence? These aren't small questions to me. I've made my life here, and it's frightening to feel like that life is up in the air. A distant part of me is already running contingency plans in case of great unrest or visa complications (Hi, I'm Mary Elisabeth, and I'm an over-planner). But there's still a little voice in my head that tells me how great an opportunity this could be for Scotland. It asks if  this is so different from the foundation of my own great and flawed country (this voice wasn't listening during my BA in history and is therefore ignoring the gross oversimplification). The American patriot in me whispers all those famous words on liberty like a colonial spy.  

I don't know how I would choose to vote, were I able. And I'm curious what the rest of the UK thinks about Scotland's upcoming decision. But the vote will be upon us soon and it's such an amazing time to be in Scotland's biggest city. So keep yours eyes and ears open, folks. History is happening all the time. 



  1. I've been following it with great interest! If Scotland votes for independence it's going to be so fascinating to watch how it all plays out!

  2. I'm so curious how this is all being displayed in England! Such a fascinating debate going on up here. And I imagine the debate will continue even after the vote.


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