Tuesday, 23 September 2014

the days we've had.

OHere we are, folks. 

This is life in a post-referendum Scotland. I can't deny that the history freak in me had a blast getting to experience something so monumental...not to mention the party that happened in George Square the night of the vote. And though the answer was a No, I still believe that Scotland has acted as a force of change for the UK. Hopefully the combination of scaring the bejeebers out of Westminster and the development of political passions will encourage all of us to become more active in the decisions that shape our countries. If the people of this fine nation can hold their leaders accountable for the promises made to Scotland in the final days of panic, then maybe change will come. 

                                                       George Square, 18 September 2014

The vote came through last Friday, and though the news didn't report on it, there were riots that night in George Square. We had popped into town for a bit and hit the Square on our way home to see what the atmosphere was like...and departed quickly. Based on the things people were shouting the riots weren't really about the referendum, but using the vote as an excuse to express other tensions than run as an undercurrent here. We hightailed it back home and followed the developments on Twitter. I gotta say, I was seriously disappointed. This was not the city I knew and loved. But the next day, the amazing Glasgow reappeared in the form of a massive collection of food for the local food banks in the same spot where violence had been a few hours before. 

Our lives are settling back into their normal patterns now. I will hopefully be sending off my next visa application in the next week and once that comes through, I'll be able to look for work! FINALLY. I don't do well being alone for long stretches of time. And I hate housework, which leads into the guilt spiral of, "I'm not working so I should probably do the laundry...but...the Internet!" And then the housework doesn't get done and we start running out of clothes and I feel bad for being a lazy mooch...it's not good for either of us. (I actually set a timer for writing this so I can force myself to do the dishes and stuff afterwards. Ugh.) 

                                                                    At least the view is good, eh?

But a piece of good news is that my shipment of belongings is coming at last! It'll be here sometime tomorrow. Our wee flat will be stuffed to the brim, mostly with books. When I decided as a kid to have my own library, I didn't really anticipate my moving across the world. Dreams can be expensive, y'all. But if you're Glasgow based and need something to read, I'm your girl. Provided, of course, that your taste in books leans primarily toward YA literature. 

I think I'm finally re-settled here, though life as an expat isn't always easy. I might have cried last week because I really wanted to go to Target. (If they built one over here, I'm pretty sure American expats would travel from all over the UK to go there. Hear that, Target?) I know it will get easier once I have a way to fill my days and can really be a part of ordinary life here. And in the meantime I have an incredible man who, if he thinks crying over a chain store is crazy, at least has the kindness to pretend it's normal. It's a good life we're building and I think I'm pretty lucky to have it.  


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