Monday, 17 February 2014

Marriage Monday: The Church

Welcome to the first official Marriage Monday!
Are y'all ready for it?

When beginning our wedding planning, the first thing Fiancé and I thought about was the church. We're both Catholic, so our wedding ceremony (as a sacrament in the Church) is actually required to take place within a church. I know that the word on the street is that Catholic weddings take foreverrrrrr. It's not true. They're no longer than an hour, but I can see how that would seem long in comparison to the 30 minute ceremony for a lot of other denominations. 

We knew almost immediately that our decision was going to be between the University of Glasgow chapel and the church where his parents were married, in a small town outside of Glasgow.
We both graduated from Glasgow Uni, and it was that school that landed me in Scotland in the first place.
Plus, it's stunning.

What'd I tell you? 
Sorry, everyone, it's only available for the weddings of alumni or their children. I know, I know.

But as beautiful as the University chapel is, we had another option that was equally as gorgeous. And it has a bit more of a personal connection for us. 

Fiancé's parents were born, raised, and married in this church. It's in a small town outside of Glasgow, and it's the perfect location for us. Sometimes it seems like our wedding day is so far away (it's not. at all), but thinking about having our wedding in this church gets my heart all jittery.

So here's my motto for wedding planning this week: 

This week, when I have a bad moment, I'm going to stop planning the wedding and think about the beautiful marriages around me. I think the thing I get told most often about marriage is that it takes two good forgivers. I can't confess that I'm the best forgiver in the world. It's not easy for me to put my pride aside and admit to being wrong. 
I don't think any of us like to be humbled.
But nothing good comes easy, and I think that my wise mentors are right. Maybe part of the beauty of marriage is that it makes you want to be better--not just for yourself, but for your partner, too. And that's a good enough reason to try.



  1. I was at a Church of England wedding this summer (I've been to several, but this one really sticks out) and it was over in about 15 minutes. It was a blink and you missed it moment! x

  2. Both places are stunning :) We were married in a very very tiny chapel that my parents married in. Pretty much the whole place is stained glass. You can see some of the stained glass here:

    I'm excited to see what you guys decide :)

  3. It's funny how short some ceremonies can be! It'll be a bit nerve-wracking to be the focus of attention for a whole hour, though...gulp!

  4. Thanks!! That chapel looks so beautiful! Your hair looked perfect, too, by the way. :)
    We've picked the second church--just can't beat that family connection. Hard to believe it's coming up so fast!

  5. jessies_personal_secretary19 February 2014 at 23:17

    Our ceremony was an hour, but it was the fastest hour of my life!
    I'm loving these tidbits of wisdom...but did you have to bring up the pride issue? ;)

    P.S. I'm home and ready to help in whatever way I can!


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