Wednesday, 22 January 2014

some thoughts.

Y'all, it feels like I say this all the time, but life is crazy.
Crazy good, but still crazy.
If you don't believe me, plan an international destination wedding in five months or less while being over 4,000 miles away from your fiancé and then we'll talk.
Did I mention that we're getting married in June?
Yes, I mean this year. June 2014.
I couldn't possibly be any more excited. I think if I were, I'd implode.

But I can't pretend that this isn't going to be a big change. Not only am I going to be a grown-up 
married lady, but I'm also going to be moving to Scotland permanently. Apparently when you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, it helps to be living in the same country. Who knew?

I don't know why this move seems scarier than my first move to Scotland. If anything, it should be way less scary. I mean, I moved to Glasgow without ever having been there before, knowing no one, and with no real understanding of what my grad program would be like. And this time, I'm moving back to a country and a man I love, with our whole lives ahead of us. Should be simple, right? 

Maybe part of it is that when I left the first time, it was only supposed to be a year. I was supposed to live somewhere different, get my degree, have a great time, and come home. I never intended to fall in love. In fact, I promised my best friend's mom that I wouldn't. Seriously.
But life doesn't always follow your agenda. 
Sometimes God has better plans in mind. 
This is certainly better than anything I could have imagined for myself.

I'm 23, engaged, and preparing to leave behind my old life for good. It's exhilarating and terrifying. I'm going to learn how to be a permanent expat and a wife. It won't always be smooth, on both accounts. But for all of the scariness and the bittersweet feelings, I think that some things are worth changing your life. And that when you find something that you know in your heart is good, you fight to keep it. 

So here's to this first year of the rest of my life. 
Thanks for sticking with me through it.



  1. I think it definitely sounds exciting! Can't wait to see how the organization of the wedding goes. We planned our wedding in a very short amount of time too. Goodluck!

  2. Haha organization? Wedding? Those words don't go together! ;)
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. very true. I just went at ours with one thing at a time. Location seems like the biggest ordeal. At least for Austin, Texas where we were married it was.

  4. Hi,

    I live in Stirling but study in Glasgow - let me know if you need any tips!
    My blog address is :)


  5. This is very exciting! I moved to France to be an expat wife too and it has been such an adventure. Give yourself time to adjust to things, don't rush it, and remember to always keep an open mind :)


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