Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sweeter than tupelo honey: An Engagement Story, part II.

Y'all, I've got to preface this post with this: if anyone had told me that this is how I was going to meet my future husband, I probably would have just stared at them. 
Yup. Really. 

I had been living in Scotland for about two weeks when I met my man. After being alone in halls for a few days, my flatmates started to move in and we became friends. When we saw that the pub up the street had a quiz night (trivia night), we decided that we'd go and have a few drinks and play the quiz.
We came in second...and won our first bottle of victory vodka.
Second place gets a bottle of vodka. Not a bad deal, right?
We also had tons of free passes to ABC, a nightclub on Sauchiehall Street. 
And I had an uncontrollable need to dance.

The math looks something like this:

1 free bottle of vodka + 7 new friends + 3487298472 free passes to ABC= I forced everyone to drink the vodka and go dancing with me. I refused to take no for an answer.

Samantha, don't hate me for this photo. I had to scroll through a billion messages on facebook to find it.

Never underestimate the power of a 22 year-old girl to convince everyone that being a postgrad student doesn't make you too old to go to a club.

It was mid-September, but I'm a Floridian who refuses to wear tights when it should still be summer weather. So it wasn't anywhere near as cold as it was about to get (I was so naive), but I was standing in line to get into ABC and freezing.  I turned to my friends and said, 
"Remind me why we moved to Scotland?"

A very tall, very good-looking guy waiting in line in front of us heard me, turned around, and said,
"Because everyone's so friendly." 
Or something like that. 

And that, friends, was FiancĂ©. 

I think I laughed nervously, thinking How come nobody ever told me that Scotland is more like All-Our-Men-Are-Hot-And-Tall-land? What was I doing living in Florida all my life?!

But he'd already turned back to his friends, and I was devastated. I stared at the back of his head, willing him to turn around and look at me again. I'm sure my face had a very attractive expression on it. Look at me look at me now!

And then he did. 

After we'd talked more while waiting in line, he and his friends went in ahead of us. Once he was more than two feet from me, I turned to my girl friends and said, "DIBS DIBS DIBS DIBS."

Yup. I called dibs on my future husband. 

I also made him pinky promise to call/text me when I gave him my number. He even wrote it in my phone.

 I highly recommend both as dating strategies. Two days later, we went out on our first date, and by the end of September we were a couple.

Funny how things can work out to make beautiful things happen, isn't it? :) I hope you've enjoyed part II of our story. Keep an eye out for part III, involving two sets of parents, a graduation, and a very important question...


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  1. This is exactly how I met my Scottish husband as an American student abroad!
    However we standing in front of the Garage not the ABC and it was end of the night, so it was a taxi queue. But vodka, pub quiz and remarks on the cold weather were definitely part of it!

    Some Glaswegians laugh when they hear where we met, but I think Sauchiehall has a lot to answer for!


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