Monday, 7 October 2013

where have i been?

I know.
I've been gone FOREVER.
I'm a bad blogger. They should kick me out of the blogging club, probably. They should renounce my membership and unfollow me on all the social media sites.
I've been living my life, outside of the lovely borders of blog-land. On top of that, I just haven't felt like writing lately. And nobody knows better than I do (except perhaps some of my professors) how painful it is to read something that the writer didn't want to write.
But I guess that I'm overdue to give y'all a wee update on the Scottish life! Forgive me yet, friends?

I've recently started a new part-time job at a cafe up in City Centre, and that takes up most of my time. If I'm not working, I'm either doing job applications or hanging out with Boyfriend. We've taken some little trips while he waits to start his new job at the end of the month. We can't pass up these full days of freedom! So here's life from the eye of my iphone over the past few weeks:

Boyfriend's first birthday a la my family's style: balloons, presents, and a Batman cake. 

We ducked over to Loch Lomond for a day and rented bicycles to ride by the bonny banks.

Boyfriend's birthday present from me was a trip to Keswick in the Lake District. It's really deserving of its own post, so keep an eye out for that coming up soon!

Weirded out by that picture yet? ;)

We had to say goodbye to our friend Alsyssa as she traveled back to the States. It was so hard to say goodbye to one of my first Museum Studies friends. Why can't we all just live here forever?!

I'm hoping to blog more now that my work schedule is settling into a more normal routine. I've got a few things I'd like to put out into the blogosphere for a topic of discussion...I hope you find them as interesting as I do. And in my last bit of exciting parents are coming to Glasgow! 
They'll be here for Thanksgiving (!!!!) and my graduation. The fact that my motion-sickness-prone father is willingly getting on a plane for eight hours just to see me should give you a good idea of how much my parents love me. I'm a lucky girl, I know. :)

Happy Monday to all y'all!


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  1. I've been to Lock Lomand! We took a little boat ride there, so pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing your adventures :)


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