Tuesday, 3 September 2013

travel tuesday.

Hey, y'all! I hope you're having a great Tuesday. I'm joining in on the Travel Tuesday link-up with Belinda from Found Love, Now What? and Bonnie Rose from A Compass Rose.
Today's story is about my trip to Greece three years ago and the time I nearly drowned.

I was living in France for the semester, and I'd made friends with two wonderful girls pretty much immediately. Jackie and Laura were my partners-in-crime, my sounding boards, my fellow fake-leather-jackets-we-bought-in-Provence-wearers. So when it came time for us to take our two week spring break, I knew there wasn't anyone I'd rather have by my side for adventures in Europe. 

See? Super awesome jackets.

We decided pretty early on that we didn't want to spend our two weeks bopping to a million different countries. We wanted food, sunshine, and long days on the beach. For the first week of our trip, we'd go to Germany to see my family. And for the second, we'd go to Greece and spend our days in the sun. 
I could write a lot about this trip, but there are too many stories for this Travel Tuesday. Today, I'll be telling you of how I nearly died. Twice. Remember this, Jackie and Laura? ;)
Also, I'd like to note that all of these pictures were taken by them. I lost mine when my computer crashed a couple of years ago. 

The tale of my near-death is from the latter half of our Greek adventures. We'd just spent a few days on the lovely island of Mykonos, drinking piƱa coladas and walking across the island. We moved on to Santorini and promptly rented 4-wheelers to explore. 

The first time I almost died on this trip was when I sort of nearly drove off a cliff on my 4-wheeler. I managed to stop just in time. But the second time I nearly died is far more dramatic. 

We hadn't made any big plans for our days in Santorini. When we saw the sign advertising a volcano hike, swim in the hot springs, and a boat tour to the city of Oia at sunset, we jumped on it. It was only €25, to boot. 
Our morning hike around the inactive volcano made me feel like an explorer. I'm not big on exercise, but I love hiking. I wasn't so sure how I felt about the next portion of the day, though, because we had to jump off the boat and swim through the ocean to the hot springs. I may be a Florida girl, but I am not too proud to say that I am more than a bit scared of the ocean. Who knew what sort of Greek shark-beasties were hidden in these depths? 
Okay, okay, so they weren't exactly depths. 
I'd actually made up my mind not to jump when I realized that I would probably regret it if I didn't. So with no towel and a thumping heart, I jumped in...

...and was promptly shocked by how cold the water is. So shocked, in fact, that I gasped and inhaled a good deal of that cold water. My friends, both Northern girls, were happily paddling along in front of me. I couldn't catch my breath, however. Lucky for me, Laura was a swim coach and lifeguard, and she and Jackie swam back to hold me up. 
Yup, you read that right. Even though I'd been swimming since the age of three, even though my mom had always called me a fish out of water, I nearly drowned. 

And the salt in my nearly-drowning-wound?
The hot springs were barely even tepid. 

The moral of the story is that I may be a strong swimmer, but only if the water is the temperature of a bathtub. 

And always go swimming with a lifeguard. Or Northern girls who know how to handle the cold water from years on the Cape. 

There are so many aspects to this trip that are worthy of their own posts. Like the time we may have illegally explored parts of Delos. 

And how we got out of Paris in the first place, being that a gigantic Icelandic volcano erupted the same week. 

But I think the tales of my perils are enough for today. Maybe next week, right? ;)


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