Tuesday, 10 September 2013

travel tuesday: volcanos, trains, and an angry german lady.

If you read last week's Travel Tuesday post, you'll have a decent idea of the sort of issues we faced on our Spring Break back in 2010. But one of the biggest problems started before we even left:

In Iceland.
Remember that?

Photo by Marco Fulle, via

Fire and ash spewed all over Europe the same week as our planned European vacation. All flights to and from Paris were cancelled. My facebook newsfeed was full of friends telling sad tales of being stranded in Paris for the foreseeable future. 

But guess which group of clever girls had booked a train, weeks in advance? 
That's right. 
We were pretty lucky, too, as most trains sold out of tickets in the nanosecond after they announced the closing of the airport. So we were off to Germany, regardless of the fire and brimstone.
We hopped on the Metro at an ungodly hour, feeling quite pleased with ourselves for booking a train. We had the confirmation code for our train tickets in hand, and all we had to do was have the tickets printed out at the desk before we left.
See where this is going?
Trouble. Trouble is where it's going.

So much effort went into these happier times.

The line at the ticket desk did. not. move. Though we'd gotten to the station about an hour early, it still wasn't enough time. With the clock ticking down and a woman in line telling us our confirmation code would be fine, we made the call: we jumped out of line, ran to the bay, and got on our train without tickets. 
And everything was fine...until we hit Germany. When the ticket lady came around, we explained our situation. And she promptly informed us that our confirmation codes were not enough and that we'd have to pay for new tickets right there. We tried arguing. We tried looking sad and pathetic. We tried the "Stupid American" card. 
The only card that worked was my credit card. 
We arrived in Germany tired, hungry, and poor. Not exactly what we pictured for our grand vacation. 
And to think that was only the beginning of our adventure! Good times were ahead...and so were more mishaps. Make sure to pop back for next week's Travel Tuesday!



  1. I totally remember when that volcano exploded! And while it fully derailed your German vacation plans, at least you will always have the most memorable story to tell about your days surviving a volcano :) I found your blog through Travel Tuesdays and am having so much fun exploring!

  2. Hi Amy! Thank you so much for stopping by! There's nothing like a little explosion over Europe to start off a vacation, right? ;)

  3. Oh no! Germany is AWFUL for fines, they never let anyone off!

  4. Oh wow this seems like so long ago. I was studying for my finals at university when the volcano erupted and got so distracted...luckily I passed!

    I also found your blog through Tuesday Travels and look forward to reading more of your posts :)

    Kam | A Married Couple & Their Travels

  5. To be fair, it was almost four years ago. Crazy how times flies, isn't it?

    I'm so glad you stopped by!! :)


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