Monday, 2 September 2013

done with school...forever...maybe.

The beginning of September will always be Hogwarts time to me. And weep-over-not-ever-getting-my-Hogwarts-letter time. Some of you might find it odd that I'm opening my done with school forever post about going back to school, but the truth is, I'm Hermione. I love school. I love books and papers and mixing potions and fighting Dark wizards. 
Oops. Sorry. Got a bit carried away there.

The good news is that I am done with school! Forever! Or for now, anyway. I won't speak on what Future Mary might want to do. She's known to be a wild one. She could get a hankering for more letters after her name. Only time will tell.

But that's no concern of Present Mary. Wanna see my dissertation? My life, my pride, my joy?

BAM. So shiny, isn't it? It's weird to think that this entire year and the blood, sweat, and tears of the last few months all come down to this. One (admittedly long) paper. There were absolutely moments where I thought I'd never finish it. And there were moments where I wanted to set it on fire. But I did get it finished without arson, and now I'm on the other side. It's a weird feeling. Good, but weird. 

I was pretty stoked to turn it in, obviously.

It's also started a string of people leaving. I'm not the only one who wrote a gigantic paper this summer, and my friends are starting to head back home for the next step in their lives. And let me just tell you--it sucks. I mean, I'm glad that my friends are off on new adventures, but I'd be much happier if they all just stayed here and hung out with me forever. Yup. Forever. For a girl who had no problem uprooting her whole life, I'm surprisingly averse to change. Just ask Boyfriend, who has had to comfort me through all of this. 

So here are some photos from our last week, which was the epitome of bittersweet. 

We popped around the corner to a bar we hadn't tried yet and stumbled upon...a pub quiz. Seriously. We are skilled at finding these. We're like the pub quiz whisperers. 

All of these were obviously taken with my phone, hence the poor quality. But I'd rather have poor quality photos than none at all. 

I celebrated being done with my dissertation (two days early!) with a dram of whisky at our usual pub quiz. 

Before we went out to quiz, we had a pizza party with the remainder of our quiz earnings from the past year. And we attempted to convince people to drink some of the four bottles of vodka we have sitting in our cabinet, also thanks to quiz. 

My friends are super creeps.

And yes, that is Megan's hair at the bottom of that picture. She doesn't think she's a redhead, but I know better.

This is a pretty perfect summation of our relationship. Boyfriend is peeing himself laughing, and I'm rolling my eyes at him. 

Drinks were had and sweet dance moves were shown off. Obviously. 

We came in second place and instead of keeping the vodka, we signed it and gave it to our quiz master. He pretends to hate us but we all know that he loves us. 

Meg and I took Sam to the airport last week, and despite her giving us--no joke--three closets worth of stuff, her bags were still overweight. So we were the weird crying girls on the bus with our arms full of clothes. More friends will be leaving soon, and it'll be a strange Glasgow without them. 
But for now, I'll be applying to jobs, blogging, running, and watching Meg kill dragons on her playstation thingamabob. (Can you tell that I'm totally a gamer?)

Tomorrow I'll be joining in on Travel Tuesday with some other lovely expat bloggers, so keep an eye on this space. 


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