Thursday, 1 August 2013



It's August. 

How did this happen? How do I have less than a month to finish my dissertation? More importantly, why is my dissertation still on legal paper strewn about my flat? 
I suppose that's something, though, that my dissertation actually exists, albeit in pieces. I'm totally deserving of a blogging break, right?
August is a pretty awesome month, deadlines aside. My birthday is in less than two weeks (eek!) and it'll be my one-year expat-a-versary at the end of the month. Do I get a little trophy or something for surviving? The winter alone qualified me for a trophy, I think. 
To celebrate the last and best month of summer, here are some previously unseen photos of my summer so far:

My handsome and very clever Boyfriend graduated university the day after we got back from our trip to the States. The fact that we're both awake for this picture deserves some props. 

(Do people say props anymore? I didn't realize that I'd get so out of touch with the hip young folks at the age of nearly 23.)

Could he be cuter? No. No, he couldn't. 

Our 4th of July party was a success. I made pulled pork, we drank mojitos, and then we threw tea into the Clyde. 

That's right. We took some loose-leaf tea and an Assassin's Creed flag and re-created the Boston Tea Party. It was our baby rebellion. Our forefathers would be proud.*

We've had the most glorious summer I could have imagined. That's not saying much considering that I wasn't expecting any summer whatsoever, but it's been fantastic all the same.

I can't believe that August is here already. It was just October, I swear. And as awesome as my birthday will be, August is going to kidnap a lot of my friends and ship them back to their home countries. It'll be a bittersweet month, for sure. I'm going to go try and finish as much of my dissertation as I can, so I can spend the next few weeks loving on my friends. And eating cake, obviously, because I'm an emotional baker. If you're in the area and want to give me a hand with it, let me know. I'll be your cake dealer.


*Writing that sentence made the history geek in me flail. 

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