Thursday, 18 July 2013


Last weekend, Boyfriend and I flew down to Oxford for his niece's christening. 
After some minor confusion about at which subway station we were supposed to meet (cough HILLHEAD cough), we made it to the bus in town and then through to Edinburgh. Our flight to Oxford had less than twenty people on it, including the crew. 

That's the entire Oxford airport. Arrivals on the left, departures on the right. I've actually never seen a smaller airport. And I flew out of Sanford once!

Boyfriend's brother-in-law and dad picked us up from the airport (if you can call it that) and drove us into Swindon, about 40 minutes away, to our B&B. 

It looks like the most typical, picturesque English village. I half expected to see Harry Potter wandering down the streets. It's exactly how I always pictured Little Whinging. 

We stayed at the White Horse View and it was absolutely lovely. That was the view out of the door to my room. 

Plus we got a full English breakfast! 

I wanted to pull a Lizzy Bennett and march straight into those fields. 

Next time I go down that way, I'll bring my wellies and go for a nice wander or two. 

Seriously, does it get any more beautiful than this?

We headed into Oxford for the day on Friday by bus. It took us about an hour, but it was only £6.50 for an all-day ticket. In true nerd fashion, the two places at the top of my list were the Bodleian Library and the Ashmolean Museum. 

It was also really warm--we've gotten a heat wave in the UK. And yes, I say that with a hearty dose of sarcasm. I raise an eyebrow at 80 degrees being referred to as a "heat wave." That's even a bit cool back home. ;)

Oxford was swarmed with tourists. I genuinely despise being trapped behind people who are walking slower than I want to walk, so I must admit I'd have liked thinner crowds. 

The history geek in me wanted to bear-hug the buildings and giggle. 
Yeah, I know, the history geek is weird. 

I wish I were cool enough to speak Latin.

We saw a super cool exhibit that was on for free at the Bodleian, but we weren't allowed to take any pictures. If you get a chance, though, you should definitely go see it. It had a combination of medieval texts and children's literature and discussed the commonalities between them. The important thing to take away is the image of my face, squashed against the glass of a collection of drawings by J. R. R. Tolkien. 

I'd heard from a friend of mine that good burritos could be found in Oxford. As you should know by now, one of the worst things about living in the UK, in my opinion, is the lack of good Mexican food. So when I heard that good burritos existed on this island, I was determined to get some.

Mission Burrito was packed, but it was worth being squashed up against a big crowd of people. 

The Ashmolean is the University of Oxford's museum. It's hard to believe that such a massive museum could be part of a university.  

I had to look at the map and pick the things I wanted to see most, simply because there was so much to see! We could have been in there all day. 

As much as I like museums, I'm not sure if Boyfriend would have been happy to wander the halls of the museum all day. And we had to be back in Swindon that evening to meet his family for dinner. 

I would definitely suggest going to the Ashmolean if you're in Oxford. 

We spent the afternoon playing tourist and exploring Oxford. 

One of the things I noticed about Oxford is how many people ride bikes through town. I was so jealous! The weather was beautiful, and it would have been lovely to ride a bike around the city.

I saw this taxi and thought of my college roommate. ;) 

It didn't take us very long at all to get in and out of Oxford from Swindon. If you're thinking of heading down that way, I'd highly recommend the White Horse View. My room was lovely, the view was stunning, and they have a little Scottie named Hamish. I couldn't have asked for better!

We spent the rest of our weekend with Boyfriend's family and we really had a wonderful time. I watched a large group of small children defeat Boyfriend in a water fight, which was hilarious. I loved having the opportunity to relax and visit...even if I did get trapped in the upstairs bathroom and had to lean out the window and ask to be rescued. I sure know how to charm 'em, don't I?


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