Monday, 15 July 2013

our trip to the states, part two: swimming pools, pancakes, and sunburns.

Our trip to the States went so insanely fast. After the craziness of the wedding, Boyfriend and I decided to check some things off our "trip to Florida" list. We spent time hanging out in the pool in an attempt to try not to melt. 

I forced Boyfriend to go to Target. And yes, those are American flag sunglasses. 

We hung out on the back porch, listening to thunderstorms and noisy frogs.

We also did some of the tourist things, like Kennedy Space Center. I hadn't been here since 4th grade (I think), and the only thing I remember about that trip is the nasty space food. Visitors give you a nice excuse to do things you haven't done yet or in a while. 

We got to touch an actual moon rock. I know how jealous you all are.

We forced other tourists into taking our picture with our respective flags. 

 Such a brave, manly space explorer. 

We enjoyed our day at Kennedy Space Center, but I have to say that I was surprised at the $50 ticket price. Is it just me, or is that a lot higher than I remember it?

We also spent a day in my old college town of Lakeland. Clearly, Frank Lloyd Wright hated tall people.

It's always strange wandering your old college haunts once you've graduated. But it's a little bit stranger (not in a bad way) walking around campus with the man you brought home from another country. How surreal is that?

Boyfriend also got to experience one of my favorite aspects of America, which is, of course, the huge food portions. We stopped for lunch with one of my college roommates at our favorite diner. Boyfriend asked for three pancakes. The waitress looked at him and said, "Are you sure? Three?" 
He was sure. 
10 minutes later, his pancakes arrived. And his certainty went out the window. 

I drove us out to New Smyrna to soak in some sunlight. 

Poor Boyfriend didn't listen to my very sage advice to reapply sunscreen. One of us ended up burnt, and it certainly wasn't me. I just got freckly. 

I think I got spoiled growing up with Florida beaches--the water is warm, the sun is shining, and the sand is white. I can get to the beach in about an hour, and I can park right on the sand. 

We had to leave the beach a bit earlier than we planned because I could see a summer storm rolling in over the pastel beach condos. I think the worst part of going to the beach is driving home when you're all sandy and sunscreened. My car was FULL of sand. Even though our beach trip only lasted about four hours, we jumped in the pool when we got back and that just about made up for it. If we'd stayed any longer, I think Boyfriend would have been too burnt to move for the rest of the trip.

I somehow didn't get any pictures of the pulled pork dinner/party my parents hosted, unfortunately. I guess I was too busy chatting and having fun, and those are my two favorite reasons for a lack of pictures. 
I'm hoping to have a couple more posts up this week--the last of our trip to the States and our trip to Oxford. Wish me luck as I put my nose to the grindstone with my dissertation this week, too!


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