Wednesday, 12 June 2013

grad ball

Some of you may have seen my photo on instagram yesterday and wondered, "Why is she so dressed up?" Well, Boyfriend is graduating this year, and he invited me along to his Grad Ball up at Oran Mor last night.

Alyssa came over to help me with my hair and she did a fabulous job, as usual. 

But the most exciting part for me was getting to see my Scottish boyfriend all dressed up in a kilt for the first time. It's every girl's dream, isn't it?

You can dress us up, but you can't stop us from being ridiculous.

We took a cab up to Oran Mor, where we were greeted with champagne and live music. We had a lovely dinner and chatted with Boyfriend's coursemates.

I wish I had some pictures of us dancing at the ceilidh that followed dinner, but we were far too busy dancing to stop and take pictures. And I'll tell you--ceilidh dancing is hard work. I felt like going outside and standing in the rain to cool off. Seriously. It's funny how running around a dance floor can wear a girl out. I'll definitely have to be more dedicated to exercise if I plan on going to another ceilidh soon. I love having an excuse to dress up, and this was a particularly enjoyable one. Anyone know of any fancy parties that need guests? I could be convinced. ;)

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