Tuesday, 11 June 2013

a month of celebrations.

May is a big month for us at home. It's filled with birthdays and Mother's Day, and this year, a high school graduation.

holy hot rollers, Batman!

My mom's birthday is always really close to Mother's Day. We always do our best to spoil her rotten, but it's hard to compete with the queen of it. My mom's celebrations are legendary, and it's always nice to feel like we've given a bit of that back.

I may or may not have been asked if I were going to Prom, too, when I went with my brother to pick out his tux. I think I did a pretty good job, don't you? I'm sure he was the best dressed kid there...all because I refused to let him get a vest that matched his date. 

the fam, minus my beautiful cousin Saralynne

That picture is a family favorite. Can you guess why? :)
My Daddy will probably kill me for this, by the way. Oops! It was too funny not to share.

my not-so-little cousin and fellow double-namer, Saralynne

the graduate and our grandmother

This was one of the fastest and most painless graduations I've ever been to. I'm not sure what they've changed in the five years since I graduated high school, but I'm grateful for it.

my two favoritest ladies in the world

I also got to attend the bridal shower of my dear friend while I was home. I'm one of nine bridesmaids in her wedding this Sunday (I can't believe it's already here!) and six of us were at her bridal shower. 

bridesmaids galore!

I'm sure you can tell that this is going to be a fantastically fun wedding. I'm lucky that I get to spend my weekend celebrating this time with such lovely ladies. 
My first trip home was wonderful. I'm excited to show Boyfriend my home state for the first time...and to take him to IHOP. He's got no idea the glories that await him in Florida. 
We're off tonight to his grad ball, for which I have a particularly spectacular dress. And speaking of, it's about time for me to start getting ready! I'll be giving you a tour of my new flat in my next post, so keep an eye out. 


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