Tuesday, 12 March 2013

tuesdays are the worst day of the week.

I know people generally hate Mondays, but I have a long-standing theory that Tuesdays are the worst day of the week. You spend all day Sunday preparing yourself for Monday, so even though it's not fun, you're ready for it. You know it's coming. But then suddenly, out of nowhere, TUESDAY. It just blindsides you. You weren't prepared for it and here it is! Wednesday is alright because you know you're halfway through the weekend, Thursday is almost Friday, and then it's the weekend. Hence, Tuesday is the worst day of the week.
You know you agree with me.

We seem to be at that point in the semester when everything is due and everyone is freaking out about it. Which means, of course, that I'm completely ignoring all of these assignments and spending all my time online shopping. Don't worry, it'll all get done...eventually.

Boyfriend's flatmate was playing in a big band at Sloan's on Thursday night, so a group of us went along to listen and dance.

We didn't do much dancing, mostly because you have to go stand up in front of everyone to do it! For the first half of the set, there were only one or two couples dancing. Eventually I got enough courage (thanks in part to my pint of cider) to go dance. We may not have been the best dancers, but we had a great time just the same. Our friends tried to get pictures of us dancing, but they were sitting too far away to get any good ones.

And then on Friday, Boyfriend took me to a murder mystery dinner at the GUU. It was a really fun evening and I loved the chance to get dressed up. Half of the fun was hearing the American accents the murder mystery actors were putting on. I'd like to point out that the fantastic dress I'm wearing in this picture is courtesy of my fabulous flatmate, Megan. She's probably regretting finding out that we're the same size now. Also, Boyfriend's accessories (the pipe, hat, and glasses) were things his flatmate had about the flat. 

Sometimes I forget to appreciate how beautiful the university is. And then I round a corner and it's suddenly like I'm at Hogwarts. 

It doesn't take long for someone to realize that two of my favorite things are corgis and five-pointed crowns, but it takes a special man to find me a box with both. My man is clearly awesome. Did I mention it was filled with delicious shortbread? Oh, yes.

Glasgow's weather has been absolutely insane lately. When I was at work this weekend, the weather was different every time I looked out the window. Snow, rain, hail, sunshine, snow, hail, sunshine, rain...it cycled through all forms of weather possible in a matter of hours. We got a semi-decent snow on Sunday night--enough for snow angels! These pictures may or may not have taken place in the courtyard of my res. This may or may not have resulted in the security guards staring confusedly at me from inside the main office. I'm not ashamed.

I guess I should probably go at least attempt to do work. It would be easier if the strange girl who sat at my booth would stop having loud phone conversations with everyone she knows. Wish me luck. I think I'm going to need it. 


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