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glasgow guide: a few of my favorite things.

If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I'm a researcher by nature. When I decide to do something or I'm shopping for an item, I research it. Days and weeks and months of google searches, review reading, and in-depth analysis usually result in a successful trip or purchase. So when I made the decision to move to Glasgow, I was already several months into researching what life was like. What would I need to bring? What should I buy in preparation? Sadly, there wasn't much information out in the blogosphere (is that still a word that people use?) about what I might find most useful. 

After being here for nearly six months, I think I'm qualified to share some of the things that have made my life here in Glasgow easier and better. This is by no means a complete list, but I thought it might be helpful for anyone looking to travel/relocate to my lovely current home. 

Most guides to the UK suggest packing an umbrella. I have one word on that: don't. You can't go five feet in this city without seeing at least one dead umbrella. I tried using one for a while and usually gave up and suffered the rain because fighting the wind was pointless. This jacket from Joules was a Christmas present from my parents and I only wish I'd bought it earlier. It's a 3-in-1 with a hood that fits in the collar, which means I'm warm and dry during typical Scottish weather. 

My Hunter wellies were another much-appreciated Christmas gift from my family. They take a little wardrobe manipulation, since my calves are apparently fatter than I thought, but they're worth it. As a reformed puddle splasher, I enjoy being able to walk right through the puddle-lakes on the way up to class. (I don't splash through the puddles like a three year-old. At all. Why would you think that?)

See? Don't I look super-duper happy in all my warm don't-get-soaked gear?

My pink Camelbak is a lifesaver. I bought this one over the summer and it looks really obnoxious tucked into my pink backpack, but I carry it around anyway. Walking makes me thirsty and carrying my own water keeps me from succumbing to the power of Fanta. I will say that it's nearly impossible to refill it when you're out and about because there aren't water fountains here. Don't even get me started on that. My camelbak holds 750 mL, though, and that's generally enough to get me through a day of classes. 

My wonderful mother bought me this passport holder/wallet when I studied abroad in Paris three years ago. I'm not sure where she got it (though I'm sure I'll get an email about that when she sees this) but it's served me well. It has space for four credit cards and plenty of space to put important things like cash and medicine. I actually fit a pack of medicine behind the passport itself, which is super convenient. I'd definitely recommend getting something similar for travelers/people who need to carry their passport with them. And if you don't think you need your passport with you, I can tell you from experience that you will get denied when you try to buy wine at Morrison's. Telling them that you're a postgraduate does nothing to convince them, in case you were wondering. 
Should I be flattered that the cashiers at Morrison's think I'm a sixteen year-old postgraduate student with a deep love for Moscato? Probably not. 
Am I? 



  1. My little family may be moving to Glasgow (from Texas) for a stint of 18 months. I have no idea what to bring since I live in very hot sunny weather. I was wondering if you could do an updated list? Especially since you are going to be in Glasgow for alot longer.

  2. Of course! That's a great idea. :) Also, feel free to email me if you have any questions/want to know more about Glasgow. I'm happy to help!

  3. If we are definitely making the move I will be contacting you :) I would appreciate the help immensely. Moving from such a warm climate I worry about my little one being comfy. thank you!

  4. Kelly Rae, did you end up in Glasgow? Our little family (also from Texas!) is also moving to Glasgow for a short stint. We arrive in May and I'm at a complete loss for what sort of weather we should expect in May and the rest of the summer. (Summer means 110 to me!)

    Mary Elisabeth, thanks for the Glasgow tips. :)

  5. I wanted to let you know how much your blog has helped me as I prepare to make the jump across the pound. When I first found your previous blog, the wandering belle, I was flabbergasted because I'm a southern girl (North Carolina) moving to Glasgow for my masters program. As I read more and more, I was like this girl is living my life! All of your hints have been so helpful. I would love to be able to pick your brain alil more about some of my last minute questions.
    Thank you,
    Tollie Spain

    1. Hi Tollie! Thanks so much for reading my blog and introducing yourself! :) I'd be happy to answer any questions you have--just shoot me an email at @ gmail. Glasgow is a fantastic city and it's such a great place to be a student. I'm sure you'll love it here!


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