Thursday, 24 January 2013

spring breaking 2013...let's break this down.

I promised I'd tell you about my other upcoming travel plans. So here's what's happening:

In case you don't recognize these cities, I'll be visiting Athens, Santorini, and Dubrovnik in April! I have two friends from high school who are currently studying in Europe and our other friend will be flying over to meet us. I've been to Greece before when I studied abroad almost three (!) years ago. 

Sadly, all of the pictures I took during that trip were lost when my computer crashed two years ago, so I have to rely on pictures from my friends' cameras. 
I'm excited to revisit both Athens and Santorini. I'm especially interested in going to the Acropolis museum this time because of a paper on repatriation I wrote last semester for class. I'm sure it will have a very different meaning for me now. 
And as for Dubrovnik, Croatia, it's somewhere I definitely haven't been yet! I hopped on the travel wagon after the itinerary had been set (I wasn't sure at the time when I'd be in the States) and don't really have any idea who picked Croatia for our trip. I'll be doing more research into the city before I go to see what it's all about and some of the things I might want to do while I'm there. Has anyone been before? Have any suggestions? :)

Of course, this trip isn't until the end of April, so I have to actually survive my second semester first. I'll leave Glasgow on the 20th, come back on the 28th, and leave for the States on 1 May. It'll be a whirlwind of travel for a few weeks there, but I can't wait. I'm definitely looking forward to spending some time in the sun with some of my best and oldest friends. And don't worry--this time I'll back up all my pictures on my external hardrive to make sure you get to see them!


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