Friday, 4 January 2013

Coffee Break.

Hi, y'all! It's been a while since I did a real update...the holidays and paper-writing have absorbed my life lately. You may have noticed my new blog design--what do you think? (This question is mostly for my mother, who I suspect is the one repeatedly clicking through to this blog. Hi, Mama! And Mrs. West!) I felt like I needed something sunny and cheery to get me through these hideous remaining winter months. 

I'm taking a much-needed though not really deserved coffee break from paper writing and thought I'd take this opportunity to procrastinate by blogging. Lucky you!

As some of you may or may not know, I wasn't able to fly home for Christmas this year. But I'm clearly a well-loved girl, because I was flooded with friends for the holiday season. Two of my best friends and sorority sisters flew in all the way from Florida and North Carolina to see me. My Mama sent me a series of delightful packages, and relatives sent cards that were gratefully received. And that doesn't even begin to mention all the friends I had here in town who celebrated the season with me!

One of the added benefits of having friends in town is that you get to splurge on things you wouldn't normally spend money on, because what better excuse is there than to do exciting new things with your best friends? 

Andi and I did some exploring around the Botanic Gardens (and that's the new headband my Mama sent me for Christmas!).

A night out on Sauchiehall Street with my loves! We may or may not have accidentally ended up at a gay bar...still undecided on that front. We had fun either way!

I recently updated my iPhone and was DELIGHTED to find the panorama option on the camera...I might be a tad bit obsessed. This is the church around the corner from Boyfriend's flat, where we went for Christmas Mass.

The Kelvingrove Museum.

The St. Andrews Cathedral in City Centre.

We had two days of out-of-town adventuring--one day in Edinburgh and a day trip to the Highlands. The Edinburgh pictures are still on my camera, which is on my desk at home, but here are the pictures from our trip to the Highlands.

We booked a tour with Timberbush Tours, and I highly recommend their company! We left Glasgow at 8 AM, after some issues with the subway being closed and me forgetting my wallet. Our tour guide, Neil, was excellent and kept us laughing the whole day. Our first stop was Loch Lomond, which, as you can see in the above photo, was exceedingly rainy. 

This is my adventurer pose.

There were plenty of stops along the way to hop off the bus and take pictures. Our tour guide had several off-the-main-stretch stops so we wouldn't be swarmed by all the other tours that were making the same stops as us.

After Loch Lomond, we crossed up into the Highlands. Not only was there lots of snow on the ground, but it was actively snowing! Needless to say, the Florida girls were very excited to see snow. 

Jenn making a snow man.

And my love for the panorama continues...

Jenn's two-minute snow man!

The next stop was in Glencoe, the site of the Glencoe Massacre. It may have a tragic history, but the view was incredible.

View back toward Glencoe.

We got rained on here, too, in typical Scotland fashion.

I think this is about all I have time for right now, but tune in again soon for Part II of our Highland adventure and my New Year's Eve!


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