Tuesday, 27 November 2012

what to see

If you haven't had the chance to look through all the pages of my blog and want an easy list of things to do, you're in luck! 

Argyle Street
The Kelvingrove is one of my favorite museums in town. It's pretty eclectic and a little overwhelming, but it also displays a fascinating array of objects. The Kelvingrove is very child-friendly. And it's free! 

730 Great Western Road
Originally a Victorian creation, the Gardens and the beautiful Kibble Palace fit in with Glasgow's status as the Victorian City. It's nice to wander through the gardens and see all the different areas of the world represented. Entry is free.

Royal Exchange Square
Modern art isn't really my thing, but the GOMA is a cool place to visit. The mirror-covered entryway is a good precursor to the feel of the museum. Entry is free, here, too. 
And don't forget to take a peek at the statue out front--people like to put traffic cones on his head. 

2 Castle Street
St. Mungo's is an interesting museum. They've managed to display important religious items from a number of religions in such a way as to explore more of their similarities than differences. Free entry.

2060 Pollokshaws Road
The Pollok House isn't technically within the city, but it's fairly easy to get there by train/bus. It's a beautiful country home and the birthplace of the National Trust for Scotland. There is a small fee for entry, but the house and grounds are spectacular. 

145 Buccleuch St
I haven't been to the Tenement House yet, but it sounds fascinating and it's definitely on my list. The Tenement House was the home for a woman and her mother from 1911, and the property hasn't been changed since then. Check the website for admission prices.

Buchanan Street Shopping
Glasgow has some fantastic shopping, and the place to go is Buchanan Street. Follow the crowds and explore--there are so many shops in the city centre.

The University of Glasgow
University Avenue
The University of Glasgow has the good fortune to look like Hogwarts. I recommend at least taking a walk around campus (and don't forget the chapel!), if only for the great pictures. They do offer guided tours, if you're interested.

Intersection of Castle and Cathedral Streets
The Cathedral is a truly stunning piece of medieval architecture. It's definitely worth visiting, and the Necropolis behind it offers great views of the city. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes if you want to wander the Necropolis, though, as the ground tends to be muddy.

Glasgow is also positioned really well for travel to other areas of the UK. Edinburgh is only an hour or so by train/bus. There are also a number of companies that will take you on tours up to the Highlands. I took a one-day trip with Timberbush Tours (see my trip here and here), but I have also heard excellent things about Rabbie's.

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