Monday, 26 November 2012

The Giving of Thanks

I've had a stupendous Thanksgiving weekend. We left off last week with day-before preparations, so let's get to the good stuff: 
I was up around 7:30 on Thanksgiving Day, because I was meeting my good friend from home at the Buchanan bus station. When we got home, he took a well-deserved nap in my room while I worked on dinner with the girls.

This picture looks very calm. If pictures had been taken five minutes before, it would have been a different story. There was a lot of yelling and grossed-out faces. At one point, I iMessaged my Mama with the words, "Turkey crisis. Skype me." We also had a debate about whether or not we'd removed all the icky parts from inside our turkey, who I named Herbert. We hadn't. And then there was the minor issue that all of us had touched the turkey and therefore couldn't turn on the tap to wash our hands. We stood in the centre of the kitchen screaming, "TURKEY HANDS!" for about five minutes before finagling the tap.

I was paranoid about the turkey getting dry, so I soaked him with butter. The Southern girl's mantra: When in doubt, add more butter.

We had some logistical issues, as one expects when hosting twenty people in a five person kitchen. We had a "cocktail hour" next door in Sam's kitchen while we manically tried to finish everything. Luckily, someone asked if we wanted pictures before people swarmed the kitchen for dinner. 

Sam, myself, and Megan

This is just a taster of how many people were here. SO MANY PEOPLE.

The best way to hostess is barefoot with a glass of wine.

Gravy in a teapot? Why not?

The girls and I.

Sam and I tried to snap the wishbone, but it wasn't dry. 

Very serious pie cutting.

The wonderful man who carried my 14 pound turkey from Maryhill for me. :)

A bevy of desserts! 

And in true Thanksgiving fashion, by the time we'd cleaned up and everyone went home, we were hungry again. So here we are, post-gathering, eating leftovers. 

I am so thankful that this dinner came together. I couldn't have done it without my partners-in-crime, Sam and Megan. I'm grateful to my fantastic boyfriend, whose response to his first taste of sweet potato casserole was hilarious (he loved it) and who took almost all the pictures I'm posting. Sam's boyfriend was kind enough to carve the turkey, which was great because I had no idea how to do it. I'm grateful for the eighteen or so people who showed up, brought lots of wine, and praised my cooking. I am an extraordinarily lucky girl, and I loved being able to spend Thanksgiving surrounded by friends old and new. 


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