Monday, 19 November 2012

Quotes from my Journal

look, it's my face!

I received this beautiful journal as a graduation gift from a favorite professor and friend. I may or may not have created an organization of fellow students around her. We may or may not refer to ourselves as her Daughters. Yeah, she's that awesome of a prof. 
So I received this journal and have been writing in it steadily since. That's pretty impressive, considering most of my desk drawers back home are filled with half-empty notebooks, journals, diaries, etc. I'm not very good at keeping up with them. But I was starting to feel guilty about leaving no written record of my life--as an amateur historian, I know how important primary sources are. I document my life pretty thoroughly on the internet (this blog, for instance), but what if the end of the world comes and the internet dies? ALL of my documented life will disappear. So I'm trying to do future historians a favor by writing it down. And I really like this journal. 
Now, obviously I'm not going to post all my journal entries here. Number one, that'd be super embarrassing. Number two, that'd be SUPER DUPER embarrassing. I may look like a grown woman, but I write in my journal like a middle schooler. 
However, I'd like to share some quotes from said journal with you, because I look back on them and really like what I wrote. This is part of what I hope will be a series--thoughts from my journal. Cool? Cool. Sharing time!

"No matter how hard it gets, I have to be strong and smart and fearless. I cannot allow fear to get in the way of living the incredible, fulfilling life that lies before me."

"I wanted a grand adventure, and I got it. But it takes a lot of courage to be adventurous."

"I can do this. I will. I will be fierce and diligent and a force to be reckoned with. I will be brave and I will experience great and terrible things. I will be everything I want to be. I will make a life for myself and it will be amazing. It's a big world and I get to taste it."

Moving to a foreign country, even if it's just for a year, is intimidating. And scary. Sometimes a girl needs a good pep talk, you know?


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